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The progressive activist and philanthropist tells Yahoo News that he will announce Wednesday whether he will seek the presidency in 2020.

TIME spent a day with Tom Steyer, the billionaire donor who is running a campaign through his PAC NextGen to help Democrats in 2018. The liberal billionaire Tom Steyer recently distanced himself from Democrats after their failure to secure a DACA deal during the government shutdown. Now he’s surrounding himself with a large team of operatives. The NTK Network Billionire ctivist sweeps into Denver this week with simple nd provoctive messge: it’s time to impech President Donld Trump nd ny Democrt not on bord better wise up. Tags: denver, post, billionaire, activist, Is Tom Steyer the progressive is billionire from Sn Frncisco who es bering tntlising gifts mericn progressives. The first is confetti of csh to fight elections nd bllot mesures cross the Helth Cre. Clini ctivist dds helth cre to his brnd. Joining the drug price bttle could boost the politicl tunes of the Clini billionire.