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President Trump on Wednesday responded to Mitt Romney after the incoming Utah senator criticized him in a scathing Washington Post op-ed.

President Donald Trump on Monday tweeted a video mocking Sen. Mitt Romney after the Utah Republican continued his call for the release of more information about Trump's July call with Ukraine's Trump schrieb, Romney habe ihn von Anfang an bekämpft. Später schob der Präsident noch einen Tweet nach, in dem er Romney als einen Narr bezeichnet, der den Demokraten in die Hände spiele. In President Donald on Saturday ridiculed Sen. Mitt Romney for his loss to former President Barack Obama in 2012 — one day after Romney said he was “sickened” by ’s actions as Tags: trump, lashes, romney, politico, Trump and Romney's rocky relationship Romney kicked 2019 by publishing a scathing op-ed in The Washington Post criticizing 's character declaring he has "not risen to the mantle of the ice." In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Senator-elect Mitt Romney (R-UT) details his concerns with President Donald . #CNN #News

Four Corners Monument

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The Four Corners National Monument is located in the desert on the Navajo Indian Reservation. It was replaced in 1992 with a granite marker embedded with a large circular bronze disk (picture) around the point, surrounded by smaller, appropriately located…