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Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: Vladimir Putin “knows how to handle an asset and that’s what he’s doing with the President” https://t.co/1bOnWU9hVI—

John Brennan left the CIA with "unresolved questions" about whether Russian officials successfully got Americans to work on their behalf. A former CIA chief has blown the whistle on the New World Orders plans to oust President Donald Trump from the White House "at any cost." FBI of stff Jim Rybicki, who served under FBI director ey nd current director Chrtopher Wry, hs resigned. Tags: james, comeys, former, chief, ey Testimony: Former FBI Chief FBI Director ey spoke in public for the first time bout h reltionship with President Donld nd the circumstnces tht The sid ly lerned to recruit ssets to help with h interests when he served s n officer in the KBG, which ws the