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WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign featured plenty of tough talk about China, took a more cordial tone with Chinese President Xi Jinping while visiting Xi’s country this week.

Ric Engel talks with the former top U.S. diplomat in China, David Rank, who resigned from 27 years in foreign service over Donald Trump's environmental China hits back at Trump on North Korea ments, says trade should be a separate issue President tweeted Wednesday morning about China's trading with North Korea before boarding a flight to Poland. The Morning Joe panel digs into his Tags: ahead, trump, tweets, about, China Hits Back at Trump China hit back after President Dald tweeted he was "very disappointed" in Beijing following North Korea's latest missile test, saying the problem WASHINGT (AP) -- President Dald says he thinks Sen. Jeff Flake w't support the Republican tax overhaul in Cgress, issuing an insulting tweet