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The disagreement, played out in rival tweets, is the latest consequence of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Dec. 19 decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, potentially leaving the Kurdish militia under threat as Turkey weighs a new offensive there. U.S.-Turkish … Continue reading

The U.S. Chamber's Middle East and Turkey Affairs program is the premiere business advocacy platform for strengthening the mercial relationships between the United States and Turkey, as well as the United States and the Middle Turkey–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America. Relations in the post-World War II period evolved from the Second Cairo Conference in December 1943 and Turkey's President Trump is reportedly lookg for ways to extradite American resident Fethullah Gülen to — so as to persuade Turkish president Recep Erdogan to forgive Saudi ia for killg U Tags: trump, mulls, letting, turkey, Members of the Caucus on The Caucus is a bi-partisan plform for members of Congress to focus on US- relions and issues th concern Turkish Americans. A senior U.S. official tryg to negotie the safety of allies northeastern was apparently rebuffed by 's president, who said Tuesday there would be "no concession"